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GUIDO NoteServer - News and Announcements

(see also the GUIDO MusicNotation news page at http://www.salieri.org/GUIDO/news.html)

New beta version of the standalone Noteviewer for OS-X available! In context of the GUIDOLib project a new version of the standalone Noteviewer for MAC OS-X is available.
Go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/guidolib


The Noteserver url-interface accepts now unicode encoded .gmn files. Now it is possible to send unicode encoded .gmn files to the Noteserver url-interface. The url-interface can be found on the Noteservers homepage http://www.noteserver.org where a URL of a .gmn file can be entered as source address.


Open Source project GUIDOLib at sourceforge.net
GUIDOLib includes the development of the Standalone GUIDO NoteViewer, some GUIDO tools and a plateform independent API for rendering of musical scores based on GUIDO MusicNotation.


Release 0.8a of the GUIDO NoteServer is now online.

Release 0.8 of the GUIDO NoteServer is now online.

A new standalone release (Version 0.8) of the GUIDO NoteViewer for Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2000) is now available for download

A bugfix for the new standalone release (0.6a) of the GUIDO NoteViewer for Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2000) is now available for download

A new standalone release of the GUIDO NoteViewer for Windows (95,98,ME,NT,2000) is now available for download

A Test-Release 0.6 of the GUIDO NoteServer is now online.

The GUIDO NoteServer now has its own domain-name: www.noteserver.org.

A new NoteServer Keyboard Interface is now online

Release 0.5 is online

The GUIDO NoteServer sample page has been reworked!

Release 0.22 is online

Release 0.21 is online

Release 0.20b. A minor bugfix release. Fixed the following bugs:
  • Chords are now split correctly, when newlines are encountered.
  • Internal NoteServer-Errors display a new error-message. This helps to discover errors.
Release 0.20 is online! Click here for new examples!. New features:
  • The parameters in the inputform changed.
  • We introduced the concept of pages. The default pagesize can be specified on the new input-form. Newlines are automatically put into the score, whenever the space runs short. Also, new pages are created, if neccessary. You can specify, if automatic pagesizeadjust is used, or not. When turned on, the page-size is adjusted to the actual score, after it has been rendered.
  • The pageFormat-Tag is now supported. You can use it, instead of specifying the default-page-size on the input-form. The pageFormat-Tag supports the following parameters: \pageFormat<"A4">, \pageFormat<"A4",1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0> , \pageFormat<16.0,12.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0>, where the 4 last parameters are the left, top, right and bottom-margin. At the moment, the parameters need to be specified in centimeters. The third method is used to specify arbitrary page-sizes. Note, that arbitrary sizes are limited to 210x210 cm per page.
  • The \newPage- and \newLine-Tags are now supported. Use them to define locations of line- and page-breaks.
  • Some bugs have been removed: slurs, ties and dynamics are now correctly handled when dealing with line- and page-breaks.
  • Changed some of the spacing. Things should look a little nicer now.
  • If you still want to use the old Release (0.14), then go here. If you are using any of the automatic embedding features of the NoteServer and you want to continue using the old release, you need to change the URLs: Change every appearance of ".../salieri/gifserv.pl?..." to ".../salieri0_14/gifserv.pl?....". If you have further questions, please contact me.
If you encounter any problems with the new release, please let me know!. Now, work will concentrate on automatically adjusting line-lengths.

Currently the NoteServer-team is working very hard and intense on a completly new release of the GUIDO NoteServer that will contain the following features:
  • Scores will be printed based on pages. Pagesize can be defined using the \pageFormat-Tag.
  • The length of staves will depend on the pagesize. Linebreaks will be done automatically or can be arbitrarily defined using the \newLine-Tag.
  • The number of systems per page is dependens on the pagesize. Arbitrary pagebreaks can be defined using the \newPage-Tag.
  • Expect the next release on December 3rd (at the latest).
Another minor bugfix of the GUIDO NoteServer (Release 0.14b)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented AutoBeaming from working, when other tags (like e.g. \text) where involved.
Minor Bugfix of the GUIDO NoteServer (Release 0.14a)
  • The \dimBegin and \dimEnd-Tags are now supported. Using this construct, nested diminuendos are possible.
  • Example: [ \dimBegin c d \dim(e f  \dimEnd g h) ]
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented Autobeaming. Autobeaming now works correctly again.
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented dotted half notes to be displayed with the correct note-head.
  • Fixed a bug, that prevented the \staff-Tag from working (now works correctly again)
  • 1998/10/22
    Update of the GUIDO NoteServer (Release 0.14)
  • The \crescBegin and \crescEnd-Tags are now supported. Using this construct, nested crescendos are possible.
  • Example: [ \crescBegin c d \cresc(e f  \crescEnd g h) ]
  • 1998/10/09
    New update of the GUIDO NoteServer (Release 0.13). The following changes have been made:
    • The \intens-Tag now supports the following parameters:
    • "pppp", "ppp", "pp", "p", "mp", "mf", "f", "ff", "fff", "ffff", "sf"
    • The \slur-Tag now functions inbetween chords. Right now, the lowest note of each chord gets tied.
    • The \slur-Tag now also supports some advanced formatting-parameters. Use \slur<dy1,dy2,rx,dy>( ...)  to control the appearance of the slur. Example: \slur<2,2,0.7,6>(c d e). See the advanced GUIDO specification for additional information on exact score-formatting.
    • The spacing of bar-lines has been enhanced.
    • Beams now have a maximum slope-angle. This produces much nicer output.
    • Tuplets are calculated using a different model. This produces better output. Graphical appearance has also been changed slightly. Example:[ c/5 c  \beam(c/8 c c c ) ]
    • Changed the appearance of ledger-lines.
    • Changed the appearance of whole-note-heads.
    Encapsulated Postscript-Output now available (Alpha-Version).
    Redesign of the standard-input-form.
    See you at ICMC'98!
    Autobeams are now almost fully supported! Currently, the meter-information is not used to determine automatic beaming. To turn automatic beaming off, use the \beamsOff tag.
    Encapsulated Postscript-Output will be available very soon!
    A new samples-page goes online! More work on that page will be done shortly.
    Beams are now partially supported! Check it out: [ \beam(c/8 d e f) \beam(f/16 e d c)] . A description of the beam-semantic will follow soon. Automatic Beaming will also be implemented soon!
    Graphical output is now centered better: there is some space on the right and at the bottom of the system. Frames are always drawn around the score.
    Colored notes for the special pitch-classes cis, dis, fis, gis, ais are now supported. Check it out: [ c dis e fis ]
    Input to the NoteServer is handled more robust. Incorrect input results in an error-message.
    The \slur-tag is now partially supported and draws slurs using a bezier-cure. The resulting slurs have a nice appearance. Right now, slurs are drawn downwards only; this will be changed soon.
    We changed the size- and zoom-parameters a little, so that zooming works also, when with and height are both 0. Take a look at the NoteServer samples to see, what changed. Also we recommend, to try different parameters, to get a feeling on how the noteserver reacts. Please note, that the interface may change in the future, as we are still in the prototype-phase.
    Stafflines are now drawn using the True-Type font.
    The key-tag now supports "free" parameters. Take a look at this example to see what is now possible (it was created with [ \key<"free=g&-1a#"> f g a b]).
    The JAVA-Applet (including scrollable scores) can be testet here. Please note, that it is still a prototype.
    The GUIDO-NoteServer now supports notedurations of length 0. This helps to display automatically generated music. Example: [ c*0/1 d*1/8 e*0/16] displays just a single d ignoring the c and e.
    Input of width and height with value 0 returns an image that fits all music in the picture (if it is not too big). We are working on a feature to select either absolut size or zoomfactor.
    Work on the JAVA-Applet almost finished.
    Now displaying stems with the real font.
    Working seriously on the JAVA-applet for NoteServer-functionality. A prototype will be available soon.
    The clef-tag now supports attributes "none" and "off".
    Changed the Layout of the NoteServer-Page.
    Added Samples and News-Page.
    Now supports the intens-Tag.
    Zoom factor 0.0 tries optimal fit.
    Automatically generating a URL for direct use in WEB-pages.

    Supported Tags

    The following tags are already supported by the GUIDO NoteServer:

    \intens, \i, \tie, \slur, \sl, \fermata, \clef, \meter, \key, \staff, \stemsAuto, \stemsUp, \stemsDown, \bar, \text, \t 

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