The \beam-Tag

Description:Not yet available. Right now refer to the GUIDO Music Notation of the example for comments.

[GUIDO Music Notation of example] * [Listen to it! (MIDI)]

% Release 0.8

% beam.gmn

% beams now are split (almost) correctly, when they
% cross a linebreak.

[ \bm( c/16 e2) \bm( e c1) \stemsDown \bm( f g2) \bm (g f1)
\stemsUp \bm(c/16 d e/8 \newSystem f ) \bm( c/8 d/16 e f/8 )
\bm( c/16 d e/8 f) \bm(c/16 d e/8. f/16 )
\bm(c/8 \newSystem d/16 e ) c/1 d e ]