The \barFormat-Tag

Description:Not yet available. Right now refer to the GUIDO Music Notation of the example for comments.

[GUIDO Music Notation of example] * [Listen to it! (MIDI)]

% Release 0.8:

% barFormat.gmn

% the system-barlines are drawn with a font-symbol:
% there is no "gap" in the line as in the previous
% version.

% From version 0.6:
% \barFormat-Tag is now partly supported
% parameter style can be used to specify styles for
% barlines.
% still to do:
% the thickness of the bar is not yet correct.
% ending-bars must be drawn as system-bars as well
{ [ % This sets the barFormat

\barFormat<style="system"> \meter<"2/4">
\text<"The barlines go through the whole system",dy=17hs>
( c d \bar e f \bar g a h c2 ) ],
[ \meter<"2/4"> c d \bar e f \bar g a h c2 ] }