The \title-Tag

Description:Not yet available. Right now refer to the GUIDO Music Notation of the example for comments.

[GUIDO Music Notation of example] * [Listen to it! (MIDI)]

% title.gmn
% New Features in GuidoNotationRenderer 0.5:
% * title-Tag is now supported
% * composer-Tag is now supported
% Still to to in future versions:

[ \pageFormat<w=20cm,h=14cm,mt=3cm>
\title<name="A New Piece",font="Architecture",fsize=1cm,
fattrib="b", textformat="cc",pageformat="c2",color="0xffff00">

\composer<name="Kai Renz, Op. 1",font="Swiss">
\tempo<"Andante",dy=-2hs> \space<1cm> \clef<type="g2",color="green",size=2>
\space<1cm> \meter<"4/4",color="blue">
\i<"p",dy=13hs> \i<"ff",dy=8hs,color="red">
\noteFormat<color="green"> c d e f g a h c2 h1 a g
\newSystem \noteFormat<color="black"> c/8
\text<"this is a test", textformat="bl",font="Arial",fsize=20pt> d
\beam<color="red">( \cresc<type="blabla",color="red">(e f) g)]